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Historical Services - Build Records

Ordering Process

Please mail your build record order form (pdf), payment, and proof of ownership to

Historical Services
12501 Chrysler Freeway
CIMS 410-11-21
Detroit, MI 48288 USA

A copy of the title or registration is acceptable as proof of ownership. It must show your name and the correct serial number/VIN. If you have an issue with your proof of ownership, please contact Historical Services before ordering.

It may take up to 4 weeks to complete your request once it is received by the Historical Services office. A confirmation email or letter will not be sent once an order is received. Payments are turned into the Accounting Department at the end of each month, once the order is completed.


Please see the build card order form for further details. Pricing varies depending on the coding that is available for the build records. Only check or money order payments made payable to FCA US LLC can be accepted. Please contact Historical Services for further clarification.

  • Trucks (1930-1954)
    • There are no code sheets for Dodge Trucks.
    • Only a build card is provided.
  • Cars (1930-1942)
    • Build records for this era were mostly stamped and hand written by the factory workers.
    • There are no code sheets for these years.
    • Only a build card is provided with limited information.
  • Cars (1946-1967)
    • A build card will be provided with decoding.
  • Dodge Cars (1952, 1953, 1956, 1958) 
    • There are no code sheets within the Historical Services for these years.
    • Only a build card is provided.

Not Available

Build records for the following vehicles do not exist within FCA US LLC; there are no additional records available:

  • model year cars after 1967
  • model year trucks after 1954
  • Canadian built vehicles
  • Jeep® vehicles
  • AMC (American Motors) vehicles
  • Graham trucks