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Uconnect Pushes Play

New high-tech features available for 2017


Let's face it, we live in a very fast paced world and many of us thrive on instant gratification.

We are busy and always on the go. So when we finally get into our vehicles, we may not have the time or patience to wait for our entertainment system to fire up before we are ready to change the radio station or enter an address and start on our journey.

Now, with the all-new fourth-generation Uconnect System, available in 2017, drivers will get state-of-the-art, revitalized features that will not only prepare them for the road, but put them on it, faster. 

The next generation system puts even more convenience and technology at your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy the high-tech features that you are used to, while keeping your eyes on the road.

New touchscreens, performance improvements, and the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are just a few of the features you’ll notice when you connect with the fourth-generation Uconnect system.

For 2017, updates include a faster startup time and enhanced processing power, a new 8.4-inch touchscreen that offers multi-touch gestures, vivid imagery, sharper graphics and the ability to support smartphone integrations. Now you can do more than touch your 8.4-inch touchscreen, you can use gestures that include pinching and zooming to make an image bigger or smaller, along with taping and swiping. The next generation system also boasts more vivid imagery, a higher resolution and sharper graphics.

Depending on your smartphone preference, users can choose from either the new Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features.

Apple CarPlay
CarPlay is the smarter, simpler way to use your iPhone in the car. It takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display. Drivers are able to place calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, obtain directions optimized for traffic conditions, and access third party audio apps on your iPhone, all while staying focused on the road. CarPlay features Siri Voice control in addition to being accessible from the car’s touchscreen.

Android Auto
Android users will appreciate Android Auto’s ability to share information while driving making it easy to access the best of Google. The system features Google Maps with free voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, and lane guidance; on-demand access to 30 million songs with Google Play Music; the ability to place phone calls or send and receive messages while keeping your hands on the wheel, You can ask Google search any question. Android Auto also makes it easy to access popular apps and content from the Uconnect system’s touchscreen.

Uconnect debuts the fourth-generation system in the 2017 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, available beginning the fourth quarter of 2016.

See a demonstration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto below: